Consultation themes

Over the last 18 years, a range of themes have been established:

Improved access: To and around the lake front

New connections: Between the lake, Acton Peninsula, and the city through a safe, direct, and engaging journey.

First Nations involvement: A space developed in partnership with the Ngunnawal community.

Heritage: Respecting the National Capital setting.

A place for people: A more accessible foreshore and boardwalk for all.

Better networks: Footpaths, shared paths, and cycleways of generous proportions.

More play: An accessible and age-inclusive regional play space.

Water sensitive urban design: A lake edge with layered green infrastructure to filter urban run-off and enhance habitat condition.


  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    2004 | The Griffin Legacy

    The Griffin Legacy was published by the National Capital Authority to set a new course for Canberra’s development in the 21st Century.

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    2006 | Draft Amendment 61 to the National Capital Plan

    The National Capital Authority sought comments from the community on Draft Amendment 61 to the National Capital Plan, which included provisions for the development of West Basin such as reclamation of part of the lake edge, cafés and tourist facilities, and water sensitive urban design strategies.

    On 5 December 2006, Amendment 61 was approved by both the House of Representatives and Senate, and incorporated into the National Capital Plan.

    The National Capital Plan envisages Acton Waterfront as a lively cultural and entertainment precinct on a waterfront promenade. The document outlines plans to create a new city neighbourhood, extending the city to the lake with a cosmopolitan mixture of shops, businesses, cafes, recreations, tourist activities and accommodation.
  • Timeline item 3 - complete

    2012 | Project Reference Group

    A Project Reference Group was established, comprising representatives from:

    • Canberra Business Council
    • National Convention Centre and Convention Bureau
    • Museum of Australia
    • Australian National University
    • Property Council
    • key professional institutes
    • National Trust
    • Lake Users Group
    • Heart Foundation.

    The group met on five occasions in 2012 to provide input into the City to the Lake project.

  • Timeline item 4 - complete

    2012 | Design Review Panel

    A Design Review Panel was established by the National Capital Authority to provide independent design critique of proposals for West Basin.

  • Timeline item 5 - complete

    2013 | Public consultation - City to the lake vision

    Public consultation was undertaken on the City to the Lake vision by the Land Development Agency. Comments received specifically in relation to West Basin waterfront highlighted the importance the community placed on public access to lake.While embracing the City to the Lake proposal, existing lake users indicated they wanted to continue to use walking and cycling tracks at West Basin, and enter the lake for water sports without impediment. As a result of this feedback, the ACT Government has ensured that continuous public access to the lake edge will be maintained and enhanced in the precinct to improve user experiences.

  • Timeline item 6 - complete

    2014 | West Basin waterfront design

    The Government provided $3.1 million in the 2013-14 second Budget appropriation for design of West Basin waterfront over two years.

    Designs were devised for West Basin waterfront by the Land Development Agency, in close consultation with the National Capital Authority and the Design Review Panel. This included a series of design workshops on the overall public realm strategy, as well as two presentations to the Design Review Panel.

  • Timeline item 7 - complete

    2014 | Project Reference Group expansion

    The Project Reference Group was expanded to include:

    • Australian Institute of Architects
    • Australian Institute of Landscape Architects ACT Chapter
    • Australian National University
    • Australian Property Institute
    • Canberra Business Council
    • Canberra CBD Limited
    • Canberra Convention Bureau
    • Heart Foundation
    • Lake Users Group
    • National Convention Centre
    • National Museum of Australia
    • National Trust of Australia
    • Planning Institute of Australia
    • Property Council
    • City to the Lake Project Team
    • Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate
    • Arup
    • Hill Thalis Architecture + Urban Projects
    • Tania Parkes Consulting

    The first meeting of this updated project reference group was in June 2014.

  • Timeline item 8 - complete

    2015 | Public consultation - City to the Lake Strategic Urban Design Framework

    In June 2015, the community was invited to provide feedback on the draft City to the Lake Strategic Urban Design Framework and the types of commercial activities, community facilities and events they would like to see at the West Basin waterfront in the future.

    The framework was to guide the City to the Lake project over the next 20 years, reflecting the principles of good urban design and outlining a set of key moves and design principles to achieve an urban, diverse and pedestrian-friendly precinct. Sustainability and design excellence are core goals of the project.

    • 78% of survey respondents indicated the proposed design fits with their idea of a livable Canberra and the city they want for the future.
    • 75% of survey respondents also indicated that the proposed design recognised the unique qualities, significance and prominence of the site.
    • Community feedback showed that the creation of public areas, before any private building development occurred, was preferred for this area.
    The ACT Government has subsequently progressed the development and management of public areas as a high priority.
  • Timeline item 9 - complete

    2015 | City to the Lake Strategic Urban Design Framework published

    Following updates based on community feedback, the City to the Lake Strategic Urban Design Framework was published in August 2015.

  • Timeline item 10 - complete

    2015 | West Basin Waterfront Works Approval submission 1

    The West Basin Waterfront Works Approval Application was lodged with the National Capital Authority in September 2015.

    The application included two works packages. Works package 1 sought approval for lake reclamation, a new lake wall and site servicing. Works package 2 was for the construction of the landscape foreshore earthworks, hard and soft landscaping, boardwalk, pavilions and associated works. The application submitted included an illustrative masterplan, detailed drawings and artist impressions showing what the precinct would look like when complete.

    The final design was guided by the City to the Lake Strategic Urban Design Framework and supported by various studies undertaken to inform the waterfront design, including heritage, environment, tree assessment and retail analysis.

    The corresponding consultation period was run by the National Capital Authority in late 2015.
  • Timeline item 11 - complete

    2015 | Funding for West Basin Point Park (now Henry Rolland Park) and signalised intersections

    A further $10 million was provided in the 2015-16 Budget to commence construction of the West Basin waterfront, including a new public park at the southern headland of West Basin (Point Park) and two new signalised intersections of Commonwealth Avenue with Corkhill and Albert Streets to support the removal of Barrine Drive.

  • Timeline item 12 - complete

    2016 | Works approval granted

    The National Capital Authority granted Works Approval for the West Basin Point Park (later renamed Henry Rolland Park) in May 2016 and construction began in October that year with the first 150 metres of the boardwalk.

  • Timeline item 13 - complete

    2017 | Park naming consultation

    In late 2017, consultation on the name for the West Basin Point Park was undertaken. 1,495 votes were received via an online poll in which Henry Rolland Park was chosen out of the four options presented.

  • Timeline item 14 - complete

    2018 | Henry Rolland Park opening

    Henry Rolland Park opened to the public in January 2018, with around 10,000 people attending the official opening.

  • Timeline item 15 - complete

    2020 | Works Approval for Acton Waterfront works

    The National Capital Authority granted Works Approval for the boardwalk extension as part of the Acton Waterfront works.

  • Timeline item 16 - complete

    2020 | Acton Waterfront Place Plan released

    The Acton Waterfront Place Plan was released in August 2020. This plan was developed with input from the community and the Project Reference Group. The Place Plan is the framework for realising the final design solutions for the park and provides guidance for the future development of the Acton Waterfront precinct.

  • Timeline item 17 - complete

    2021 | Construction engagement

    Ongoing targeted engagement occurred regarding the construction project, including the temporary cycle paths and Acton Waterfront beach, with a number of stakeholders such as the Lake User Group, Pedal Power, and Triathlon ACT.

  • Timeline item 18 - complete

    2022 | Dhawura Ngunnawal Caring for Country Committee engagement principles

    In early 2022, the Dhawura Ngunnawal Caring for Country Committee and the City Renewal Authority’s Board met to define principles to guide Ngunnawal engagement on the project.