Project status: Active

Share your ideas and feedback on estate planning at Acton Waterfront

The City Renewal Authority is building on the community feedback that has shaped the Acton Waterfront for the past two decades. Engagement with community and stakeholders is continuing as we progress the design of the next phase of this project, refining the plan for the future development.

We engaged from October to December 2022 to understand what is important to you about Acton Waterfront, and to ensure our planning considers place-led principles for the activation of spaces, required amenity and connectivity for future residents.

Our vision is that Acton Waterfront will have two important roles

  • A destination for everyday life
  • A major foreshore recreational destination for the broader Canberra community and tourists
Acton Waterfront proposed estate plan aerial

A water colour image depicting the proposed future Acton Waterfront estate

With the planning and consultation for the expansive public spaces and park well underway, it is important we consider the broader neighbourhood and how future residential and mixed-use development will integrate with the area.

The consultation will gathered ideas and feedback to inform the refinement of the proposed estate plan. We explored place considerations for the estate, and tested the Acton Waterfront Place Plan themes to build a waterfront all Canberrans and visitors can enjoy.

The latest phase of engagement gathered and recorded your feedback on:

  • What is important to consider to appropriately connect the Acton Waterfront estate to the Canberra City?
  • What amenities do you think are important for people recreating or living in the area?
  • How can the natural environment be enhanced in this proposed urban development?
  • What do you value in larger-scale developments in the Canberra City?

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the latest phase of consultation in October-December 2022. The Listening Reports and Consultation Report will be available in early 2023.

We will use your views to

During this phase, the City Renewal Authority shared proposed revised designs for the Acton Waterfront development and sought feedback to help further refine the designs.

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All public and private development in the Acton Waterfront, which is Designated Land, must meet the statutory planning requirements of the National Capital Plan and are subject to planning approval by the National Capital Authority.