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Consultation on Park designs took place from October to December 2022 and has now closed. Thank you to all who participated. Consultation reports will e made available early in 2023.

The City Renewal Authority is working closely with the community and stakeholders to transform Acton Waterfront into a place for all Canberrans to enjoy. This means more open spaces, improved connections with the city centre, better access for water activities, and a celebration of the site’s history and national significance. Importantly, all initiatives are grounded by care for the land, respect for the lake and the lakeshore landscape.

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Park designs

Park designs

During our initial consultation, we heard from you that the following themes were important to you when building a public space that all Canberran’s can enjoy. This image gallery shows the indicative designs for the park and have considered the themes identified during our previous consultation:

  • Supports a wide range of activities
  • Is easy to get to and is connected to its surrounds
  • Has water featured and celebrated
  • Honours Ngunnawal culture
  • Is accessible and inclusive
  • Has high levels of amenity

You can view the full set of park designs in the document library to the right.

Interactive plan

Engaging with the park plans

Interactive plan for the Acton Waterfront park

See the different stages for the park development and what features you might see in each area

Park staging plan


Park activity ideas