Key map

Map of Lonsdale Street with 4 locations highlighted

Key design features throughout the four upgrade locations

  • Landscaped centre medians with new canopy trees, mass-planted low garden beds and informal gathering areas.
  • Upgraded pedestrian verges with new paving, benches, bike racks, litter bins and plantings.
  • New on-grade pedestrian crossings to allow safer connections.
  • New streetlights to improve pedestrian safety.
  • Locations for future urban art.
  • Decorative lighting upgrade to median trees.

Improved connectivity between Lonsdale Street and Haig Park

Map of intersection at Girrawheen and Lonsdale Streets

A new gateway to Braddon at Cooyong Street

Aerial map of intersection of Lonsdale and Cooyong Streets

Two new mid-block pedestrian crossings

Aerial map of proposed mid-block pedestrian crossing