Project status: In progress

The development of the Capital Food and Fibre Strategy (the Strategy) provides an exciting opportunity to shape our future agriculture industry.

Despite a thriving local farmers market scene and an increasing number of community gardens across Canberra, the ACT is reliant on food produced elsewhere. An estimated 90% of our leafy greens and fruits alone come from the Sydney region.

We want the ACT to join other cities around the world such as Seattle, Toronto, Barcelona and Melbourne, who have invested in urban agriculture and protecting rural agricultural land as part of building local food security.

How to have YourSay

We are looking at 5 main goals which will be used to create the Strategy. These goals range from transitioning to ecological food and fibre production to enhancing opportunities across the supply chain.

Have your say by reading the Capital Food and Fibre Strategy - Discussion paper and complete the survey at the relevant goal’s page. You are invited to complete as many surveys as you want, depending on your area of interest or experience.

You can have your say by:

  • Completing as many surveys as you want, depending on your area of interest or experience.
  • Providing a submission via email to

Privacy policy

Before making a submission, please review the YourSay privacy policy. Any personal information received in the course of your submission will be used only for the purposes of this community engagement process. Names of organisations may be included in any subsequent consultation report, but all individuals will be deidentified unless prior approval is gained.

We are looking at

The Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate invites the community and those already involved in the food and fibre sector to collaborate with us to co-design our future food and fibre production systems. Our 5 goals outline the areas of focus for developing the Strategy.

We will use your views to

The insight used from our surveys will be used to inform the Draft Capital Food and Fibre Strategy.

This project is jointly funded through Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund and the ACT Government.