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As part of the ACT Labor and ACT Greens Parliamentary and Governing Agreement for the 10th Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly, the Government is undertaking a review into water costs for high-intensity club users of non-potable water in 2021 (the Review), with the aim of allowing clubs to maintain operations while not requiring cross-subsidisation from other ACT water users.

The Review is looking at the impact that non-potable water costs have on high-intensity club users, defined to be those licensed to take over 3,000 kilolitres per year.

The Review is being led by ACT Treasury and will incorporate specialist advice from the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (ICRC) on recycled water pricing. It is examining costs related to the use of non-potable water by clubs, such as usage charges, infrastructure, operation and maintenance costs for various sources of non-potable water.

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  • Considering the Discussion Paper and making a written submission to the Review.
  • Following this page by clicking the button in the top left hand corner to be informed of the progress of the Review.

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Inform the development of advice to the Government on the approach to non-potable water costs for high-intensity club users.