Project status: Closed

The ACT Treasury has undertaken a review into water costs for high-intensity club users of non-potable water and provided a final report to the Government in December 2021.

The Government will consider the report and respond in 2022.

We have looked at:

As part of the ACT Labor and ACT Greens Parliamentary and Governing Agreement for the 10th Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly, a review was undertaken into water costs for high-intensity club users of non-potable water in 2021, with the aim of allowing clubs to maintain operations while not requiring cross-subsidisation from other ACT water users.

The Review looked at the impact that non-potable water costs have on high‑intensity club users, defined to be those licensed to take over 3,000 kilolitres per year.

The Review was undertaken by ACT Treasury with specialist advice from the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission on recycled water pricing. The Review examined costs related to the use of non-potable water by clubs, such as usage charges, infrastructure, operation and maintenance costs for various sources of non-potable water. In line with the terms of reference, the focus of the Review was on the non-potable water costs for high-intensity club users and did not necessarily cover broader water policy matters.

Recommendations to the Government can be found on page 8 of the report. The Government will prepare a formal response to the report. In responding to the pricing recommendations, Government will also consider alignment with water policy objectives, as well as the broader social and environmental costs and benefits of proposed solutions.

How you had YourSay:

Thank you to everyone who provided written submissions to the Discussion Paper. These submissions have been fundamental in understanding the issues faced under the current arrangements, and have informed the development of advice to the Government through the final report.