Project status: Closed

This consultation is now closed. We have now reviewed all submissions received and have prepared a response to submissions.

We’re taking the necessary steps to manage environmental impacts at a site on London Circuit identified for future release and development.

Considerations include the potential impact on Commonwealth Land and a listed threatened species – the Golden Sun Moth.

You can view our response to submissions, the referral and final preliminary assessment online or in print at the Civic Library.

We are looking at

The City Renewal Authority is seeking environmental approval under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC Act) for the future release and redevelopment of Section 63, City, Canberra.

As part of this process, you were invited to comment on the approach to managing environmental impacts of possible future development at this site.

Possible future development

Section 63 is identified in the National Capital Plan and City Hill Precinct Code to be developed into a mixed-use development, and identified for release in the ACT Government’s Indicative Land Release Program for 2022-23.

It is located at the gateway to our city, south of Vernon Circle, bounded by Commonwealth Avenue, London Circuit and Edinburgh Avenue. Part of the site is currently the northwest cloverleaf off-ramp from Commonwealth Avenue to London Circuit.

The eventual built form will be subject to the future sale of the site and development application processes, and is likely to be of a similar scale and in keeping with the existing developments in this part of the city.

Further consultation will be undertaken with the community as part of this process.

Environmental impacts

The site has previously been identified as a habitat for the golden sun moth – a threatened species and matter of national environmental significance.

Environmental impacts to the site, including any impacts on moth habitat, will first occur with preparatory works for the Light Rail Stage 2A project. Therefore, the proposed action will be managed under an offsets arrangement as part of the same project.

Assessments on heritage and visual impact have been undertaken and identified that future development would have a minor to moderate impact on views. Further information is available in the preliminary assessment report (PDF).

About this process

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE) determined that the referral of proposed release and redevelopment (referral 2019/8449) at Section 63 City, Canberra and surrounding areas of road surfaces and verges was a controlled action for the purposes of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) and that the project be assessed by preliminary documentation. This preliminary documentation is available on this webpage and at Civic Library.

We will use your views to

We are consulting you to identify and understand unforeseen issues which will inform amendments to the preliminary documentation.

The levels of participation indicated here are based on the International Association for Public Participation's Spectrum of Public Participation.

How you had YourSay

The City Renewal Authority invited comments on the preliminary assessment from interested parties and/or organisations during May-June 2021. This document is available on this page and was on public exhibition for 20 business days at Civic Library.

We have now reviewed all submissions received and have prepared a response which is now available for members of the public to view.

For any questions or an accessible version of the documents, please contact the City Renewal Authority on 6205 1878.

If you need an interpreter, please contact TIS National on 131 450 and ask them to call 6205 1878.