Project status: In progress

The ACT Government is developing a new plan for managing our natural resources.

Well managed natural resources contribute to the wellbeing of all the people of the ACT Region. The ACT has a very diverse landscape with a variety of environmental, social and natural values. The collaborative management of these values by government, in partnership with community, is of high importance to ensure that people and landscapes are connected and that the ACT is well prepared for the challenges of the future.

How to have YourSay:

Thankyou for providing your feedback. We are currently working on a draft NRM Plan that will be provided to the community in the coming months for comment.

In the meantime, please review our listening report, outlining what we heard during community consultation on the release of the Natural Resource Management Plan discussion paper in April 2021.

We are looking at:

The ACT Government is developing a new plan for managing our natural resources. In developing this plan, we recognise that managing natural resources is a shared responsibility. The Canberra community’s contribution is vital to ensure the plan reflects community knowledge and aspirations as well as highlighting the key role that everyone has in delivering the plan.

NRM is the integrated management of the natural resources that make up Australia’s landscapes, such as land, water, soil, plants and animals. That is, our land, water and biodiversity and cultural assets. NRM takes account of human activities and natural processes to ensure they are balanced and carefully managed to deliver the best outcomes for today’s needs and for future generations. NRM also considers the varied benefits provided to humans by the natural environment, which are becoming known as ‘ecosystem services’. Such services include, for example, natural pollination of crops, clean air, extreme weather mitigation and human mental and physical wellbeing. Ecosystem services are often integral to the provision of clean drinking water, the decomposition of wastes, and resilience and productivity of food production.

Two separate NRM Plans have been developed for the ACT over the last 20 years. The first plan was launched in 2004 and the most recent plan, Bush Capital Legacy – Plan for Managing the Natural Resources of the ACT, was launched in 2009. These plans have provided a solid framework for NRM planning and implementation in the ACT.

It is now time to build on this work and develop a new ACT NRM Plan that reflects current community knowledge and aspirations, the latest scientific data and emerging challenges such as climate change. The new plan will look to the future and provide goals, actions and investments for the next 20 years. It will reflect new knowledge, Ngunnawal values and aspirations, changing community aspirations and address existing and emerging challenges to protect our natural resources.

We want feedback from the ACT community on the key areas that the NRM Plan should focus on, and in particular, what the key opportunities and threats are for natural resource management over the next couple of decades.

We will use your views to:

Your views will be used to:

  • guide the development of the draft NRM plan
  • inform how we can best implement some long-term strategies for managing our natural resources
  • determine how we can best engage with you in the future on this topic.