Our commitment

The ACT Government is committed to the principles of 'Open Government', which means:

  • transparency in process and information
  • participation by citizens in the governing process
  • public collaboration in finding solutions to problems and participation in the improved well-being of the community.

Strengthening engagement

We will make sure you are informed about what government is doing, why we are doing it and how we can support you to enjoy living, working and playing in CBR.

The ACT Government is committed to strengthening engagement and delivering meaningful, responsive, accountable and inclusive opportunities for genuine engagement.

This means when we engage with you, we are aiming to meet these standards:

  • We provide meaningful engagements where the community has clear, relevant and timely information to help shape decisions.
  • We are accountable when we engage and we give the community feedback to help build an understand how they are contributing to decisions, projects and policies.
  • We are responsive to the community seeking to grow strong relationships for future collaboration and cooperation.
  • We are inclusive and respectful when we engage, finding ways to ensure engagement is equitable.

2022 Whole of Government Communications & Engagement Plan

The 2022 Whole of Government Communications and Engagement Plan sets out priority campaigns and engagement activities for the year ahead.

Engaging Canberrans

Engaging Canberrans is a 2011 guide that supports directorates in carrying out community engagement planning and practice. We’re working to continually refine our engagement approach and the guidance we provide.