Help design integrated care solutions

We want to hear thoughts and ideas from the community about integrated care and what integrated care solutions could benefit the ACT into the future.

Our health care system must adapt to meet changing needs as our community continues to change and grow. Effective integrated care solutions will work to deliver seamless health care experiences across services. We want to deliver solutions centred around the community and what they need, delivering health care that puts patients, their families and support networks first.

We want to hear from you

We are seeking 30+ members of the community to join a deliberative panel to explore the design of health care solutions that are flexible and provide services that work together across our health system.

As a member of the panel, you will have the opportunity to share your views by participating in four workshops from mid- September through to mid-November 2022. Panel members will need to participate in all four workshops which are expected to involve face to face and/or online participation depending on the panel’s preferences.

To thank you for your time, if you are selected to become a member of the ACT Integrated Care Community Panel, you’ll receive a gift card valued at $100

Expressions of Interest

The next step is to tell us a bit about yourself. We'll select participants using a method called a stratified random sample. To do this, we'll use demographic information from our questionnaire to sort respondents into sub- groups. We’ll then select participants from these sub-groups at random. A stratified random sample helps ensure our panel reflects the diversity of our community

This questionnaire should take less than 10 minutes to complete.