Community input is vital

Input from the community has played an important role in ACT Healthy Waterways (Basin Project) since the project commenced two years ago.

The design team initially identified over 500 potential sites across six priority catchments. That list was evaluated by a panel (including technical experts and community representatives) and the sites prioritised according to each asset’s potential to improve water quality and increase amenity, as well as issues like cost and feasibility.

As a result, the list was reduced to 188 and the design team developed concept plans for each project ahead of the first round of community consultations in July 2015. Comments were received from a range of different sources - including experts in the field, community groups and people who attended the drop-in sessions (open houses) – and they informed the next step in the process: the development of preliminary plans for up to 25 priority projects (and some reserve projects).

Drop-in sessions are being held as part of the current community consultation period ending on 30 September. Visitors can view the plans and discuss them with the design team. Alternatively, the plans can be viewed online on this site. Please scroll down and choose a catchment. Everyone is welcome to comment and provide feedback.

Residents who live near each of the projects were notified of the drop-in sessions and the Your Say website via a letterbox drop. Advertising, social media, general news media and email updates have helped to spread the word. Signs have also been erected at each site.

What happens with your feedback?

Once the current consultation period ends (30 September is the last day for comment) all comments will be passed on to design team who will create more detailed plans. These plans will be submitted as part of the Development Application to the ACT Planning and Land Authority, a legislative requirement for all new developments and structures in the Territory.

Another chance to comment

The Development Application process includes its own consultation period and it is at this stage that you will notice extra signs appearing on the project sites. This offers another chance to comment on the proposed infrastructure and feedback is, once again, welcome.