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How you had YourSay

As Canberra continues to grow, it is important to ensure that we value, protect and celebrate our heritage with future development. The ACT Heritage Jurisdictional Review is working to improve the heritage system in the ACT.

We heard from you to ensure that the review outcomes are informed by the community and those working in the heritage sector. We also sought the views of key government stakeholders and the Aboriginal community through the consultation process.

The consultation process ran from 25 August until 13 October 2023 and included community surveys, targeted stakeholder workshops, and interviews. For more information, read the consultation report.

We looked at

We looked at what changes are required to ensure that as Canberra continues to grow, we have well-functioning heritage arrangements that recognise, conserve and manage the ACT’s natural, cultural and First Nations heritage for current and future generations. Of critical importance is enhancing protections for First Nations heritage.

A refreshed system will deliver improved management and outcomes for homeowners, industry, the community, the First Nation’s community as well as various government agencies who use the system.

Project background

Heritage Council Responsibility

The Heritage Council is an independent, statutory body responsible for a range of provisions under the Heritage Act 2004. ACT Heritage was established to provide the Heritage Council administrative support and to advise the Minister for Heritage about heritage matters.

The Heritage Council, supported by ACT Heritage, is responsible for providing advice and assistance to heritage property owners and other members of the community, industry and government. This includes the heritage registration process and providing heritage advice on proposed works and development.

Heritage Council dissolution

On 7 December 2022, the Minister for Heritage announced a comprehensive jurisdictional review of the ACT Heritage arrangements. This included the dissolution of the then ACT Heritage Council. An interim Council has subsequently been established for a minimum period of 12 months while the review is conducted.

Phase One Engagement Outcomes

Phase One of the review involved a jurisdictional review to ‘research, identify and propose a model for future heritage laws, frameworks and arrangements in the ACT that reflects best practice of other jurisdictions’.

The report for Phase One of the review was submitted in July 2023 and identified the following two key reform themes:

  • Reform theme one – Establishing ACT Aboriginal People as the decision makers on their cultural heritage.
  • Reform theme two – Strengthening the governance and administration of the ACT’s heritage arrangements.

We will use your views to

We will use your views to support the implementation of the improved heritage system.

The ACT Heritage Review will deliver strategic reforms that will improve our system of heritage recognition and conservation.

The proposed strategic reforms are designed to enhance, strengthen and improve the recognition, conservation and management of our heritage places and objects.

We are now seeking community input on these proposed strategic reforms, and to inform the development of an Action Plan.