This project is open for feedback

About the project

The ACT Government has updated the ACT Water Strategy 2014-44: Striking the Balance (the Strategy) to better guide future actions to minimise the impacts of climate change, population growth and urbanisation. The ACT Water Strategy’s framework has also been strengthened to support implementation.

We are seeking feedback from the community on the updated draft Strategy.

Changes to the Strategy

The Strategy is being refreshed in line with the 10-year review period. The Strategy was updated with input from agencies who manage water in the ACT.

The main changes are:

  • an increased focus on more strategic direction and aspirations
  • improving monitoring and evaluation
  • changing reporting requirements to support information sharing with stakeholders and the community
  • adding a fourth outcome area.

The ACT Water Strategy 2014-44: Striking the Balance, originally included 3 outcome areas that the strategy actions would align with to achieve relevant outcomes. A new, fourth outcome has also been added.

What we are looking at

We are engaging with community and stakeholders to get feedback on the Strategy's changes and find out how you would like to receive updates on its outcomes. The Strategy currently proposes:

  • five-yearly implementation plans
  • an annual report card
  • an evaluation report every five years.

How to have your say

How we will use your feedback

Your feedback will inform the final draft of the ACT Water Strategy and the associated 5-year Implementation Plan.