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Lake Burley Griffin is a much-loved and defining feature of Canberra. Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin’s original plan intended for the road and pedestrian access to continue down to the water, connecting it to the city centre.

The City Renewal Authority is progressing the multi-year Acton Waterfront project in consultation with the community and stakeholders so that this new city neighbourhood reflects Canberrans’ vision for their city, connecting the CBD to the lake and ensuring the lakefront is always accessible.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the latest phase of consultation in October-December 2022. The Listening Reports and Consultation Report will be available in early 2023.

We will be asking for your feedback at every stage of Acton Waterfront projects. All development at Acton Waterfront, which is Designated Land, will be designed and delivered to ensure it meets the statutory planning requirements of the National Capital Plan.

All phases of the project are subject to National Capital Authority Works Approval, budget bids and the outcome of community and stakeholder consultation.

  • Acton Waterfront park design

    Undertaking further engagement to understand aspirations and needs, and to test and inform concepts as the Acton Waterfront park design develops.

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  • Acton Waterfront estate plan

    Sharing and seeking feedback on the Acton Waterfront estate plan for the development of a future neighbourhood.

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We are looking at

The National Capital Plan envisages Acton Waterfront as a lively cultural and entertainment precinct on a waterfront promenade. The area will create a new city neighbourhood, extending the city to the lake with a cosmopolitan mixture of residential, shops, businesses, cafes, recreations, tourist activities and accommodation.

Community members can now access the completed Acton Waterfront boardwalk and beach which opened on 4 November 2022. The adjacent infill will become the future park. This area needs to settle and compact over a period of aproximately 18 months, to ensure it is prepped for the public park to commence construction. During this time, the area will have picketed fencing around it with plenty of footpaths throughout to aid public access to the new boardwalk. We are interested in ways we can temporarily activate the space during the staged construction of the public park.

The City Renewal Authority is working closely with the community and stakeholders to transform Acton Waterfront into a place for all Canberrans to enjoy. This means more open spaces, improved connections with the city centre, better access for water activities, and a celebration of the site’s history and national significance. Importantly, all initiatives are grounded by care for the land, respect for the lake and the lakeshore landscape.

We will use your views to

This consultation will gather ideas and feedback from the Canberra community, stakeholders, partners, and others to inform the refinement of the proposed estate plan and park design. We are particularly keen to explore place considerations for the estate and staging for the park construction, to build a waterfront all Canberrans and visitors can enjoy.

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