About the project

Following the completion of community consultation on the Aranda Primary School boundary fence in July, the final fence design is now available. The fence design has been updated to reflect the feedback we heard from the community.

Thank you to the community for your feedback. The Education Directorate received 56 responses via the Your Say Online Platform, and 35 emails. A number of meetings were also held with various groups and Education Directorate officials.

Final fence design

Map showing the fence to be built around Aranda Primary School

The final design of the fence to be built around Aranda Primary School, developed in consultation with the school community and the wider Aranda community.

How consultation with the school community and the Aranda community has informed the final fence design

We heard your feedback and have incorporated the following in the final design:

  • Out of hours access will be provided to community during daylight hours – generally to 5.30pm in winter; and to 8.30pm in summer. This will be managed through timers on selected gates.
  • The Education Directorate will reconfigure the bike track to within the fence on the western edge of the school oval, providing an equivalent track in consultation with the school and P&C.
  • The yarning circle at the front of the school will be within the fence line.
  • The kindergarten playground will no longer have an additional fence surrounding it.
  • The fence will be 2.1 metres high.
  • The fence will be green in colour.
  • Following installation, the school will be invited to decorate the fence. This project will be managed by the school with details to be provided shortly.

You can click here to view the first design for the fence.