Project status: in progress

How to have YourSay

The ACT Government is delivering suburban infrastructure upgrades across Canberra. Six play spaces will receive significant upgrades and two new play spaces will be delivered in the next two years.

These include six significant upgrades in Aranda, Chisholm, Gordon, Kaleen, Lyons and Ngunnawal as well as new play spaces in Casey and the Inner North.

The play space upgrades will be delivered in consultation with the community and aim to provide people of different ages and abilities with fun, creative and engaging play experiences.

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In 2021 the ACT Government engaged the community on the draft ACT Play Space Strategy. The draft Strategy sets the direction for the future of play spaces in the ACT. It will guide the forward planning, delivery and management of play spaces including the play spaces and upgrades delivered as part of this consultation.

The community have been invited to provide feedback on new and upgraded play spaces at eight locations across Canberra. Feedback has been invited on locations for upgrades, play elements, equipment and amenities as well as safety and accessibility.

Feedback from the community is being used to inform the design process for these play space projects.