3D render of verge garden

Environmental sustainability

  • Permeable surfaces to support water access for trees with large canopies.
  • Increased greenery for connection to nature and reduced ambient heat.
  • Use of sustainable construction materials.
  • New tree plantings with mass-planted low garden beds that improve water penetration for trees.
  • Water sensitive urban design.
3D render of people crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing

Economic sustainability

  • Draws visitors from across Canberra and the region to experience Braddon's offerings.
  • Lengthens the duration of shopping visits with comfort offered by new landscaping, improved street lighting and new furnishings.
  • Improves connectivity across the street to support traders.
  • Activates both ends of Lonsdale Street with new streetscape entry statements.
  • Enhances the aesthetics of the street to attract visitors.
  • Scope of construction limits disruption to businesses.
  • Future artworks to provide employment and strengthen community pride.
3D render of people approaching a pedestrian crossing surrounded by trees and gardens

Social sustainability

  • Pedestrian crossings improve safety crossing the road.
  • Landscaped median gardens.
  • Choices of places to sit in the shade or sun.
  • New street lighting to improve security.
  • Cycle repair and water stations.
  • Reduced vehicle speed to improve pedestrian and cycle safety.
  • Improves accessibility for people with mobility needs.
  • Bespoke furniture including benches, bike racks, litter bins to support rest, convenience and amenity.