Updated fire management zones

Bushfires are an inevitable part of living in the ACT. With forest and grassland woven through its urban areas, living in the ACT means we live in or near an environment in which bushfire is a natural occurrence.

The Strategic Bushfire Management Plan (SBMP) is the document which sets out how bushfire risk is managed in the ACT. The SBMP is reviewed every five years in consultation with the community and key stakeholders, bringing together experience, views and knowledge to inform the Plan.

How you had your say:

In 2019, the ACT Emergency Services Agency (ACTESA) and ACT Parks and Conservation Service (PCS) provided all Canberrans with the opportunity to have their say about the current SBMP Version 4 (2019-2024), as well as propose strategies and actions to reduce the bushfire risk to the Territory. This consultation involved:

- 42 information sessions with key stakeholder groups

- Four information sessions for the general community

- 4380 unique views on the Your Say page

Your views were used to:

The input gathered during this period was invaluable in informing the current Strategic Bushfire Management Plan, having a direct impact on bushfire management in the ACT. This has led to the revision of Fire Management Zones across the Territory, and current consultation around the Regional Fire Management Plan.