Project status: In progress

Master Plan overview

The ACT Government is preparing a Master Plan for The Canberra Hospital to guide the future expansion and construction at the campus.

The Canberra Hospital site was first established in 1955, and since its first patients in 1973 the hospital has been an important part of our community.

As Canberra’s population has grown, so too has the hospital. Each day, more than 3000 people are on the Canberra Hospital campus, including staff, visitors and patients.

Over the last decade the Government has invested significantly in new and upgraded infrastructure which will be integrated into the Master Plan including:

  • The Centenary Hospital for Women and Children;
  • The Adult Mental Health Unit;
  • The Canberra Regional Cancer Centre;
  • The Expanded Emergency Department and ICU facilities;
  • The Multi-storey carpark;
  • The largest investment in health in the Territory, the new Critical l Services Building (opening 2024);
  • Upgrades to various wards and essential service infrastructure; and
  • New medical equipment and technology.

The ACT Government is committed to healthcare that puts patients first and providing the right facilities to meet the future health needs of the ACT and surrounding region. The Canberra Hospital Master Plan is an investment in the future health and wellbeing of our entire community.

How you had YourSay:

Phase 1 community and stakeholder engagement took place from 29 January – 10 March 2021. The focus of the Phase 1 consultation was to gain an understanding of the ‘values’ associated with the Canberra Hospital campus - what the community and campus users believe is important to keep or foster about the campus and what they believe needs to change.

To engage the Canberra community and surrounding region, we conducted 12 community pop-ups that covered all major areas of the ACT, seven Community Council meetings across the ACT, conducted a YourSay campaign, delivered thousands of letters, and collated email feedback direct from the public. Direct engagement and one-on-one meetings were also undertaken. Based on the feedback received during Phase 1 consultation and a range of specialist studies and research, two options were developed for the Canberra Hospital Master Plan.

Phase 2 consultation took place between from 23 July – 1 September 2021. The focus of Phase 2 consultation was to gather feedback from stakeholders, the community and hospital staff on the draft options. A report on the feedback received during Phase 2 consultation is currently being prepared and will be published here in the coming weeks.