Project status: In Progress

Thank you to everyone who had their say on the draft City Plan in February/March 2023. An overview of what we heard during engagement is shown in the Listening Report.

About the City Plan

The City Plan was released in 2014 to provide a unified vision for land use and development in the City Centre. Its purpose was to guide growth and development to support the city as the centre of cultural and economic activity in Canberra. A lot has changed since 2014, so we have updated the 2014 plan. (See the 2014 plan in the Document Library)

The new draft City Plan is based on people. It provides a vision and framework for how land use and development can make the City Centre a better place for its residents, visitors, business people and others who work there. It provides a clear direction for future growth to service Canberra's growing population. The draft plan outlines major projects that are underway and those that are planned. It aligns with relevant ACT Government strategies and policies such as the ongoing planning system reforms.

The City Plan is supported by the Canberra City Centre Urban Design Framework (UDF), which shows in detail how we can bring the high-level City Plan to life in a coordinated and holistic way. The urban design framework is about making sure the City Centre meets the aspirations of all Canberrans. It sets out how we can achieve density, design excellence, high quality buildings, great streets and public open spaces, while supporting arts and culture.

How you had your say

In February and March 2023 we sought feedback and comments on the draft City Plan and the draft Canberra City Centre Urban Design Framework. Your feedback is now being used to make sure future development in the City Centre meets the aspirations of Canberrans. Feedback was collected through a quick comment page, a survey, and uploaded submissions. You can view the comment board, questions asked during engagement and the Listening Report through the links below.

We are looking at

The City Plan provides a long-term vision for the way the city looks, feels and is used. It looks at proposed locations and types of development and redevelopment, and suggests actions that can deliver strategic change, growth and renewal.

To update the City Plan, we analysed the current city context and incorporated the significant changes that have occurred since 2014. We also drafted the accompanying urban design framework that provides key directions and recommendations for achieving high quality urban design outcomes, looking specifically about how we make better streets, places, open space and buildings for the people who live in or come to the city for work or pleasure.

Your feedback on the draft City Plan and draft urban design framework will help us make sure that our goals and priorities match community aspirations.

Alignment with the Draft Inner North and City District Strategy

The draft City Plan and draft urban design framework were prepared in the context of the wider work underway to reform the planning system, including the Planning Act 2023, draft new Territory Plan and draft district strategies.

Both documents are informed by, and will sit alongside, the Inner North and City District Strategy. However, the draft City Plan and urban design framework provide more detailed direction than the district strategies. This recognises the regional and national role of the City Centre as the heart of Canberra and will help to guide future development and growth for this important place.

We will use your views to

The public engagement period is now closed. We are now completing a comprehensive review of the consultation outcomes to inform necessary changes to both the City Plan and urban design framework.