Project status: Complete

Project update – Release of Engagement Report and Site Release Intentions document

Thank you for your contribution in determining the preferred uses for this important community site.

The insights provided throughout each engagement opportunity were rich and varied and have not only shaped the release of this block but are also informing the consideration of future community facilities in the Molonglo Group Centre.

You can read the full Engagement report here.

As a portion of the site is committed to the development of a new Residential Treatment Centre for eating disorders by ACT Health, the block has been subdivided. Block 9 represents the ACT Health facility and Block 10 (previously known as Block 3, Section 17) represents the community site which was the subject of this engagement.

Based on the feedback from the community, and considering the site-specific factors including adjacently located ACT Health facility, SLA will release the site with the following Community Facility Zoned uses of:

  • Religious associated use
  • Residential care accommodation
  • Retirement village
  • Supportive housing
  • Business agency
  • Health facility
  • Office
  • Public agency
The Site Release Intentions document can be viewed here.


Suburban Land Agency (SLA) is preparing to release the final community use land in Coombs. Block 3 Section 17 is zoned community facility land and is located on Madgwick Street next to the Coombs Oval (school oval) and adjacent to Charles Weston School. SLA is currently in the process of subdividing Block 3, Section 17 with a portion of the site committed to the development of a new Residential Treatment Centre for eating disorders. The remaining portion of the site is being prepared for release in the first half of 2023.

map of coombs

With the commitment to developing a residential eating disorder clinic next to this portion of land and in consideration of the services associated with in-house rehabilitation at this facility, ACT Health has advised SLA of particular services and facilities would not be appropriate for the remainder of this site. This includes facilities like health and fitness related services and uses. There are however a range of other uses permissible under the Territory Plan for this site and SLA are interested to hear from the local community what services are currently missing in the area and what you would like to see on this site. These include:

  • Business agency
  • Childcare centre
  • Community activity centre
  • Community theatre
  • Cultural facility
  • Educational establishment
  • Emergency services facility
  • Health facility
  • Hospital
  • Office
  • Place of worship
  • Public agency
  • Religious associated use
  • Residential care accommodation
  • Retirement village
  • Supportive housing

Community Facilities in Molonglo

Existing facilities in the Molonglo Valley

Several community and recreational facilities have already been established in Coombs and the neighbouring suburb of Wright, these include:

  • Schools:
    • 2 existing government schools in Coombs and Denman Prospect
    • A minimum of 5 future schools/colleges in Wright, Whitlam, Denman Prospect, Molonglo Group Centre and other future suburbs.
  • Health and Child Care:
    • The Coombs Health Hub Precinct (privately owned) has several tenants across a number of individual premises within.
    • Denman Shops has several health tenancies including the Denman Community Centre.
    • A childcare centre has opened in Coombs and Denman Prospect
    • A Health Facility and Child Care Centre is planned for Diesendorf Street Wright – completion in 2025.
    • A new Residential Treatment Centre for eating disorders is planned on the adjacent site – completion in 2024
  • Short term rentable space for not-for-profit and community organisations
    • Options exist at:
      • Stromlo Cottage
      • The Community Activity Centre in the Coombs Health Hub
      • The Denman Community Centre
      • Charles Weston Primary School
      • Evelyn Scott School – Denman Prospect

Frequently Asked Questions

Your views will help to restrict uses in the crown lease, prior to its release to market. The community feedback will be considered in light of compatibility of uses with the adjacent Residential Treatment Centre for eating disorders, and commercial considerations.