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The stakeholder survey is aimed at collecting specific feedback on new App features. We recommend only completing the survey once you have used the App multiple times and have a solid understanding of the new features. For more general App feedback, we suggest using the 'Comment Box' located in the sidebar.


The DA Finder+ App provides Canberrans with free 24/7 access to information about Development Applications, Environmental Impact Statements, Territory Plan Variations, pre-DA consultation, EPSDD news updates, and more.

Since its initial development in 2014, the Development Application Finder Mobile App (the App) has been used widely across the ACT. With over 4500 downloads to date, the App is now a key tool for accessing information about development activity in Canberra.

Over the past few years, we have been listening to community and key stakeholder feedback about the App. We have used this valuable input to guide the development of a new-and-improved version of the App; DA Finder+. Our goal for DA Finder+ is to provide the community with access to broader development information, greater planning transparency, and improved App functionality. We also want to make sure the App is effectively meeting the needs and requirements of those who use it the most.

The DA Finder+ App provides Canberran’s with access to information about Development Applications through an interactive mobile application. The App is funded, developed, and maintained by the ACT Government’s Environment, Planning & Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD). DA Finder+ is the third version of the DA Finder Mobile App that was originally released in 2014.

DA Finder+ includes a raft of useful new features. Most notably, these include:

  • Access to more applications and information
  • Significant data sourcing upgrades to enhance stability, accuracy, and functionality
  • A new ‘lasso’ tool to enable users to draw an area of interest on the map and save it as a ‘watched’ area. Users will then receive notifications about new development activity within this area of interest.
  • Ability to ‘follow’ individual development applications and be notified as they progress
  • Access to an ‘archive’ where users will be able to view decided applications including the notified documentation and notice of decision
  • Improvements to the map interface allowing users to be directed to Google street view for development application locations

Since 2014 we have been listening closely to users’ feedback about the App. In 2017 the App was upgraded to Version 2. In 2022, DA Finder+ will implement further upgrades and improvements. DA Finder+ (which is the third official version of the App) aims to address the main concerns from Version 2, as outlined below.

  • Data Sourcing & Accuracy – we have significantly improved data sourcing through the creation of an entirely new dataset that links up-to-date data directly to the App. This improved data sourcing should see the App become the go-to tool for monitoring development activity and will act as a valuable back-up in case the ACT Planning website experiences any issues.
  • Open & Transparent Access to Information – updating the App will assist in the delivery of a key administrative reform in the 10th legislative assembly. This will increase our ability to provide users with open and transparent access to government information.
  • Access to Additional Information – the new App will centralise additional information about development activity, including pre-DA consultations and previously decided applications
  • A New Notification System – we have enhanced the push notification experience to enable users to easily stay up to date with development activity in areas of interest

Walkthrough of New App Features

How to Download the DA Finder+ beta Mobile App

Android -

Using your android device, follow the link above. It will provide instructions on how to opt-in to the DA Finder+ beta. Once you have opted-in, you will be able to visit the Google Play Store (on any device where you are signed into your Gmail account) and download the beta version of the App.

iPhone (iOS) -

Using your iPhone or Apple device, use the link above to download the Test Flight App from the App Store. Once downloaded, open the Test Flight app and search for the DA Finder+ App. You will then be able to install the beta App from within the Test Flight App.

Collecting Your Feedback

We want to hear your initial thoughts about the functionality of the App, as well as specific feedback on the new features.

Having access to this page means you are a key development stakeholder in the ACT. To make sure we are on the right track, we are asking for both broad and specific feedback about the App from key stakeholders only. This will help us to make sure the App effectively meets the needs of those who will use it most.

We also encourage you to share the link to this webpage with any other interested stakeholders throughout the engagement period. This page is hidden from the ACT YourSay website, but anyone with the direct link will be able to provide feedback.

The Comments Box (located in right sidebar) is open for broad feedback at any time during the engagement period. We suggest you use the Comments Box for any non-specific feedback and use the survey (at the top of this page) to answer specific questions about App features. You may also complete the survey as many times as you need to provide us with your feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

We ask that stakeholders please keep feedback and comments within the scope of the upgrades to the App. For example, any comments or concerns relating to current development applications should still be directed through existing channels as outlined on the Planning Website.

Broad feedback in relation to the overall function and useability of the App is welcomed (via the Comments Box). Specific input relating to new App features will be collected through the stakeholder survey. The aim of the survey is to make sure new App features are working as designed and providing the desired outcomes for users.

We also ask that stakeholders engage in good spirit and present all feedback in a professional and friendly manner.

While testing and trialling the new App, we ask that stakeholders check in on the App on a regular basis to get a robust sense of the new features. For existing App users, we ask that you please use the DA Finder+ beta as frequently as you use the current version of the App.

We would like to receive feedback from as many interested stakeholders as possible. To share the App, please share the link to this YourSay webpage with anyone in your organisation or network that might be interested in providing feedback on the new App.

As the App is still in the ‘beta’ testing phase it may experience some technical difficulties. Any glitches that might happen during testing will not occur when the App is released to the general public. The App may crash when is it being actively tested by numerous users and constantly updated. Please be patient and try refreshing the App if it crashes.

We will use your views to

We will be using your feedback to make final adjustments and refinements to the App before formally releasing it to the public in early 2022. Thank you for taking part in this test group ahead of the official launch.