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The community was invited to provide feedback on the ACT High Country Bogs and Associated Fens Ecological Community Draft Action Plan through the feedback form at the bottom of this page.

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ACT High Country Bogs and Associated Fens were listed as an Endangered Ecological Community in the ACT in 2019, in alignment with the Commonwealth listing under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

The draft Action Plan outlines known threats to the ecological community and the recommended management actions for the next ten years. The overall objective is to support the conservation of ACT Bogs and Fens into the future, including maintaining and improving natural ecological and evolutionary processes that occur within the ecological community.

The specific objectives are to ensure that:

  • the ACT Bogs and Fens Ecological Community and its threatened species are protected
  • the ecological values of bogs and fens including ecosystem function, resilience and biodiversity are maintained by managing threats
  • management and conservation of ACT Bogs and Fens is as effective as possible through being informed by relevant research and evaluation
  • stakeholder and community collaboration in the conservation of ACT Bogs and Fens is strengthened.

As required under section 101 of the Nature Conservation Act 2014, the Conservator must identify, protect and ensure the survival of the Ecological Community (as far as practical) and must consider the impact of climate change, threats, connectivity requirements and critical habitat.

Your comments will help the Conservator to refine and improve the draft Action Plan prior to the final plan being published on the ACT Legislation Register.

A Listening Report on the draft Action Plan consultation was published in August 2023.