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The ACT Government is considering how to implement changes that will improve tenancy laws.

Thank you to Canberrans who provided feedback in writing on the questions set out in the Consultation Paper.

Shorter summary pages on each of the reform topics were prepared for those who wanted a quicker overview of the key issues. These summary pages include:

You had your say by:

  • completing the feedback form
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Comments on the Consultation Paper closed on Friday 15 October 2021.

A Listening Report was published on Wednesday 27 April 2022 on the feedback to the Consultation Paper.

We are looking at

The ACT Government is considering a range of reforms to prevent landlords from ending leases without cause, make the ACT rental market more transparent, support renters to grow their own food and set minimum standards for rental properties.

Currently, landlords can evict a tenant on a periodic lease with six months' notice without providing a reason. If no cause evictions are banned, tenants will be in a better position to assert their rights, without fear of being evicted.

However, to enable landlords to manage their properties effectively, removing no cause evictions may mean their need to be new 'with cause' grounds for evictions introduced. The Government is seeking views on new proposed grounds for evictions and other related protections.

Restricting rent bidding is also being considered. Currently, prospective tenants can offer or be asked to offer more than the advertised price for a rental property. There are varying views on whether this is acceptable, or unfair to prospective tenants.

Another change being considered is whether renters' rights to grow food and to compost food waste should be strengthened, and what conditions should be in place to protect landlords.

The fourth reform being considered is what minimum standards should be set to meet basic levels of safety, amenity and sanitation in rental properties and how these should be implemented.

We will use your views to

Comments we receive from the community is guiding the ACT Government's approach to developing and implementing changes to rental laws.

Consultation closed on the Consultation Paper, and a Listening Report was published on Wednesday 27 April 2022.


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