Listening to all experiences in our urban spaces is a key part of this consultation.

We want this to be a safe space to share your insights, perspectives, and experiences online.

We recognise that some experiences may be difficult to share or could be triggering for other participants.

To keep this space safe and respectful we are putting in place additional moderation rules to manage your input, identity, and participation sensitively.

We will moderate and manage this space by:

  1. providing a trigger warning and support contacts
  2. keeping your input anonymous - you can share non-identifying demographic information with us, but your input will be published anonymously under your chosen screen name
  3. time-delay on your input going public - we will check the input to make sure it is appropriate and safe to share publicly or to share with trigger warnings in place. See ACT Government YourSay pre-moderation guide
  4. we encourage positive and constructive participation in line with the ACT Government YourSay Participant Guidelines.