The ACT Government has established the Gungahlin Community Panel, who will be key contributors during this engagement process.

The Panel was developed through an EOI process and is made up of 100 community volunteers that are demographically representative of the Gungahlin community. The below diagram provides a snapshot of who makes up our 100 community members.

Gungahlin community panel composition

The Community Panel will be invited to participate in a series of additional activities to help us develop the Place Ambition and inform the development of some of our workshops.

To kick us off in our engagement the Community Panel members will be invited to participate in an online learning program that explores the key attributes of great town centres and explore priorities for the Gungahlin Town Centre East. Elements of this program will be made available for the broader community to participate in via our pop-up stalls at the Celebrate Gungahlin Festival community events throughout October.

The outcomes of this program will be a starting point for our Community Workshops. Given the strong interest we have received from the community around this project, we are inviting both the community panel and the broader community to join us at these workshops. If you are interested in being involved register now.

As we further refine the Place Ambition, we will be working again with the community panel specifically.

Outcomes from activities undertaken by the community panel will be provided throughout the engagement via this page.