The linear park is an important open space development in the Gungahlin Town Centre East development area. It will provide an open space connectivity from the Mulanggari Grassland Nature Reserve in the south to Anthony Rolfe Avenue in the north. This area forms the spine of the open space network and will enable Gungahlin Town Centre users and residents access a range of open spaces, including active frontages, urban seating area, active travel, recreational areas, fitness activities, open grass for kick-around / ball sports, nature discovery, passive relaxation, active running / biking, picnicking and congregation.

It is expected buildings fronting the linear Park will be required to have an interface that encourages activation and utilisation of the space. SLA intend to work with Community Panel and other stakeholders on place planning opportunities in this area, the provision of open space and inclusions, development interfaces with the linear park and future public realm to address community need.

Whilst some initial work has been done by SLA on the possible design of Linear Park – we are keen to hear more from the community throughout this engagement as we explore the development as a whole, with Linear Park just one of the central elements. The current outline of the park is indicative only, with the form and shape yet to be finalised along with how the adjoining blocks will interface with the park.

Over the coming months we will be engaging directly with the Ngunnawal Traditional Owners to understand the knowledge, stories, and spiritual connection to the land. Linear Park provides an opportunity for us to work closely with the Ngunnawal Traditional Owners in the shaping, composition, landscaping of the space.

The Place Ambition and Design and Place Framework will be key documents that will help guide the future development of Linear Park. We look forward to working closely with the community to bring the vision to life.