Project status: Open

How to have YourSay

The ACT Government is proposing a new raingarden at the southern side of the Bevan Street Playground near O’Sullivan Street, Higgins.

You can have YourSay on the proposal by:

  • Completing the short survey below.
  • Chatting to the Healthy Waterways team at a pop-up at the Kippax shops on Sunday 14 May.
  • Registering to attend a community information session at Raiders Belconnen on Tuesday 16 May. Register your attendance via Eventbrite.

This project is being delivered as part of the ACT Healthy Waterways Program, which aims to tackle water pollution in the ACT’s lakes and waterways.

We are looking at

When it comes to raingardens, there’s more than meets the eye. Designed to look like a garden on the surface, below the ground water is stored and filtered before it flows through to the next big stormwater drain.

Kippax Creek has been heavily impacted by stormwater flows and poor water quality generated by urban runoff upstream. While this raingarden will not restore Kippax Creek by itself, it will contribute to improving water quality and provide insight into the ongoing role of nature-based solutions in the ACT.

The proposed raingarden in Higgins will:

  • Intercept stormwater that flows under O’Sullivan Street. The stormwater will pass through a gross pollutant trap which filters out litter and larger debris while allowing the water to enter the raingarden. The water is then filtered by the raingarden, releasing cleaner water into the stormwater system destined for Kippax Creek.
  • Support water plants like sedges and rushes, which naturally filter the stormwater.
  • Be surrounded by native grasses, herbs, shrubs, and new native tree plantings that will serve as habitat for native animals and enhance the amenity of the park.
  • Allow for trees along the western and northern edges to be retained.

We will use your views to

Feedback from the community and stakeholders will inform the future design of the raingarden.