How you had your say:

In late 2019, we opened applications to join the Local Community Reference Group to work directly with the community in co-designing the new emergency, surgical and critical healthcare facility for Canberra Hospital. The group was appointed in February 2020 and includes people from local residents’ associations, the Woden Valley Community Council, and representation from nearby primary schools and local businesses. The group has been meeting monthly and providing community views to the planning team.

We have also appointed a Consumer Reference Group, which provides advice and perspectives on matters of design, accessibility, safety and amenity in relation to the Canberra Hospital Expansion.

If you want to provide comments or input to either of these groups, please email us at

Read the What We Heard report from the Local Community Forum held on 4 February, 2020.

Now that ACT Government’s construction partner has been appointed, more opportunities for engagement and feedback will be coming up later in the year. Please watch this page or sign up for updates for more information.

We are looking at:

Canberra Hospital is expanding to include a new emergency, surgical and critical healthcare facility with more operating rooms, more treatment spaces and more intensive care beds.

Construction of the new facility will take place from 2021 to 2024.

The project is being co-designed with hospital users and the wider community to ensure this new facility is fit-for-purpose and meets the needs of Canberrans for years to come.

Previous conversations with the local community identified traffic, safety and delivery arrangements as areas of focus, and feedback on these areas has been received.

Upcoming areas of focus will include landscaping and layout of community spaces, as well as accessibility and transport links to and from the hospital precinct. Feedback and ideas on these topics will help feed into the Local Community Reference Group and Consumer Groups forums and planning for transport links and urban design for the new facility.

Visit the Canberra Hospital Expansion website for more information about the project and read our latest monthly project update.

We will use your views to:

Inform and guide the Local Community Reference Group and the Consumer Reference Group discussions to help shape the Canberra Hospital Expansion.

Feedback from the Canberra community to date has fed into the designs for the new facility, ensuring greater linkages between essential services, improving access to the emergency department via a new drop-off area, and reducing hospital-related traffic along local roads.

Read more about the facility’s design features and the latest project updates.