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The ACT Human Rights Commission promotes the human rights and welfare of all people living in the ACT.

The Commission’s client services charter 2023-2025 is about how the Commission should treat clients. The charter also explains how clients can contact the Commission if they are unhappy with a decision, and how people can give feedback, or complain if things go wrong.

Every three years, the Commission is required to ask the community for feedback on its Charter.

The Commission sought community feedback on its previous client services charter. Comments are now closed. The feedback is outlined in a Listening Report published in early 2023 and is reflected in the current charter.

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Update the Human Rights Commission’s Client Services Charter to reflect the needs and expectations of the Canberra community.

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Before making a submission, please review the YourSay privacy policy. Any personal information received during your submission will be used only for the purposes of this community engagement process. Names of organisations may be included in any subsequent consultation report, but all individuals will be deidentified unless prior approval is gained.