Light Rail: City to Woden

The ACT Government is expanding Canberra’s light rail network to ensure Canberra remains a connected, sustainable, and vibrant modern city.

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The Light Rail to Woden project will be delivered in 2 stages:

  • Stage 2A will extend light rail from the City to Commonwealth Park
  • Stage 2B will further extend from Commonwealth Park to Woden.

This phased approach will allow us to progress with the construction of the route from the City to Commonwealth Park while completing the consultation and approval process with the Australian Government for the section traversing the National Triangle.

Stage 2A: City to Commonwealth Park

Light Rail Stage 2A City to Commonwealth Park will deliver three new stops – Edinburgh Avenue, City South and Commonwealth Park, extending the light rail network by 1.7 kilometres, passing over both Territory and Commonwealth land.

The project is the next important step in taking light rail all the way to Woden.

Light Rail Stage 2A is jointly funded by the Australian and ACT Governments, with construction expected to commence early 2025.

Stage 2B: Commonwealth Park to Woden

Stage 2B will extend Canberra’s light rail network a further 10kms from Commonwealth Park to Woden.

At least 9 extra stops will be added along this route.

This stage requires several Australian Government and Territory environmental and planning approvals.

Through the design, planning and approvals stage, careful and considerate planning will help preserve the National Triangle’s cultural and heritage significance, and maintain the well-known vistas that Canberra is known for.