This survey asks questions about the mental health sector in the ACT, based on the Mental Health Subsector- Design Blueprint. This blueprint presents ACTHD’s vision for the NGO funded mental health sector, which has been informed by previous consultations.

The blueprint is divided into three sections that break down key elements for the design of a mental health system and sector to achieve the above vision. There are questions for each section.

You do not need to answer every question, and you can use this survey to provide feedback on one section, one question, or to give overall feedback. Alternatively, you can email feedback to

The information gathered through this consultation phase will inform the investment strategy for ACTHD’s mental health subsector commissioning. This Strategy will outline our approach to system reform as we move into the investment phase of commissioning. There will be further opportunities for targeted consultation in a range of areas, including feedback papers and workshops. More details about these activities can be found on the mental health commissioning website.