Project Status: Closed

How you had YourSay:

The ACT Government has a vision of an integrated transport network that provides a range of options for moving people around our growing city. That means you could have more ways to travel to your workplace, local school or shops.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback. A report summarising What We Heard as well as a full consultation report are now available.

From 18 December 2018 to 31 March 2019 you provided feedback through the feedback form by:

  • telling us your priorities and giving us suggestions on the YourSay portal
  • sharing your views and ideas at community workshops exploring the focus areas of active travel, safety, future transport and accessibility
  • sharing ideas through forums including community council meetings, a youth engagement workshop, the ACT Young Planners talk and the Environment and Planning Forum
  • engaging through social media, and
  • sharing your views through written submissions.

We looked at:

Our previous transport strategy, Transport for Canberra, provided a great foundation for the network we have today. However, things have changed between 2012 and now. We are building light rail. Our bus network is being restructured. We are now predicting population growth of 100,000 between now and 2030.

The draft Strategy proposed to take the ambition of Transport for Canberra further by suggesting a long-term vision for a smart, customer-focused, sustainable and integrated transport network. The draft Strategy utilised a movement and place framework and provided possible strategic directions, actions policies, infrastructure, programs and services needed to meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

Significant elements of the draft Strategy had already undergone community consultation via the Planning and Climate Change strategies, the new bus network consultation, and the light rail consultation. This consultation therefore focused on areas that have not yet been discussed in detail with the community, including:

  • active travel
  • future transport
  • safety
  • accessibility.

We used your views to:

Your feedback collected as part of this consultation contributed to the development of the final ACT Transport Strategy 2020. More information about the Strategy can be accessed on the Transport Canberra website.

The Strategy sets out how we will bring our vision to life: a world class transport system that supports a compact, sustainable and vibrant city. This means prioritising a well-connected public transport network, high quality walking and cycling infrastructure and an efficient road network for cross-town trips.

Canberra’s future transport system will give you greater choice over how and when you travel and contribute to our city’s status as one of the most liveable in the world. It will operate as one connected transport network, where people can move between transport modes seamlessly and access transport easily, regardless of where they live, disability or background. It will create a compact liveable city by supporting the delivery of new homes, jobs and services in accessible locations across the city.