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The ACT Government proposed a three-pronged approach to addressing the loss of two heritage listed huts in Namadgi National Park during the 2020 Orroral Valley bushfire.

The proposal is founded on the conservation of the heritage values associated with these two stockmen’s huts. It is the result of professional reports and advice received by the ACT Government, the listed heritage values of the two huts and the policies contained in the Namadgi National Park Plan of Management 2010 in relation to the protection of cultural heritage values.

Feedback on the proposal was accepted through the feedback form at the bottom of this page until 13 February 2023 and is summarised in the Listening Report within the Document Library.

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The Orroral Valley bushfire of January 2020 burnt more than 80% of Namadgi National Park, causing significant damage to natural, cultural and social values throughout the park. This included two heritage listed stockman huts located in in the Booth Range area: Demandering Hut and Max and Bert Oldfield’s Hut.

Both huts are included on ACT Heritage Register as part of the serial listing Stockmen’s Huts Namadgi National Park (H58, Demandering item H58a and Max and Bert Oldfield’s item H58c), with consideration of their aesthetic, historic, social and rarity values.

Following consultation with the ACT Heritage Council and key stakeholders, the ACT Government is proposing a three-pronged approach to addressing the loss of the two huts:

  • Construction of two new hut structures that will respect the original values of Demandering Hut and Max and Bert Oldfield’s Hut, while preserving each hut’s remains within the park.
  • A research, conservation and interpretation project that will bring local and specialist knowledge together to communicate the extent, construction and use of each original hut place.
  • A new Conservation Management Plan for the series of Stockmen’s Hut Sites in Namadgi National Park that form a serial listing on the ACT Heritage Register.

Further details on the proposal, including site plans and artist impressions, can be found in the Namadgi National Park Huts Project Proposal.

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Community feedback will help to refine the proposal and determine final construction and commemoration plans for Demandering Hut and Max and Bert Oldfield’s Hut.