Project status: Closed

How you had YourSay

We sought community views on a Review of the Namadgi National Park Plan of Management 2010 and provided an opportunity for the community to identify issues that should be considered in the development of a new management plan.

This review examines the implementation of the Namadgi National Park Plan of Management 2010 and how activities have contributed to meeting the plan’s objectives. Importantly, it identifies issues that might need to be considered in developing a new plan for Namadgi National Park.

Namadgi National Park covers 46% of the ACT and is an important component of the Australian Alps National Parks. Namadgi protects Canberra’s main water supply and conserves a wide variety of ecosystems. Rich in Aboriginal and European heritage, the area also has significant biodiversity value, both at a local and regional scale. Namadgi offers many opportunities for nature-based experiences such as bushwalking, camping, picnicking, horse riding, wildlife and bird watching, swimming, fishing and canoeing.

Bushfires have severely impacted the natural, cultural and recreational values of Namadgi and so fire management and post-fire restoration activities will continue to be a focus of management into the future.

Community feedback will help inform a new Plan of Management for Namadgi National Park. There will be further opportunities for the community to provide input into the new draft plan as it is developed.