Project status: Closed

The ACT Place Names Advisory Committee invited community suggestions to name a cul-de-sac in the suburb of Monash. The cul-de-sac provides access to the Canberra Islamic Centre at 221 Clive Steele Avenue and the adjoining block currently addressed as 119 Clive Steele Avenue.

Roads in Canberra suburbs are named according to themes. The Monash theme is Engineers.

As the names of male engineers are well represented in the road names in Monash, the Committee was interested to receive suggestions that recognise women in engineering and reflect the diversity of our community.

We were seeking suggestions from the community for a name that could be followed either by the road type ‘Close’ (short, enclosed roadway) or ‘Place’ (short, sometimes narrow, enclosed roadway).

Eligible Names

To be accepted, the nominated name must have met the following criteria:

  • be a deceased person (a 12-month grace period applies before a name can be commemorated)
  • fit the suburb’s theme of Engineers
  • create an address name which is unlikely to cause confusion or offence
  • not be in use as a place name already in the ACT. You can check your suggestion by searching through the ACTmapi Place Names Search.

The opportunity to suggest names closed on Wednesday 26 July 2023.

Road location

The short unnamed road comes off the southern part of Clive Steele Avenue, Monash in the District of Tuggeranong. It provides access to the Block 4 Section 52 Monash and Block 7 Section 52 Monash.

The aerial view and diagram below show the road reserve for the cul-de-sac outlined and shaded in blue respectively.


The roads in Monash are named to commemorate the theme ‘Engineers’. The currently un-named cul-de-sac provides an opportunity to recognise a person who has contributed to engineering in Australia. Naming and signposting the road could assist an emergency response to the location and improve wayfinding by assisting visitors to locate the site.

The Committee will consider each nomination in accordance with the Public Place Names (Naming of public places) Guidelines 2021 including consultation with close relatives of the people suggested for commemoration and, where needed, conduct further research.

A llstening report will be uploaded to this webpage later in 2023 to present the findings of community engagement.

The Committee will provide advice to the Minister for Planning and Land Management, Mick Gentleman MLA or his delegate for consideration. The Minister’s decision will be announced through the Your say website and the ACT Planning website.

After the announcement, a disallowable instrument to determine the approval of the road name will be notified on the ACT Legislation Register and tabled in the ACT Legislative Assembly for six sitting days. Road signs displaying the name will be installed in consultation with Transport Canberra and City Services.