Project Status: Closed

What we looked at:

Weston Park in Yarralumla is one of Canberra’s favourite suburban parks. Projecting into Lake Burley Griffin, its beautiful undulating parklands hold the Yarralumla Wholesale Nursery, Heritage Nursery, Yarralumla Gallery and Oaks Brasserie and Yarralumla Play Station.

The park has five un-named minor roads. If there were to be an accident, medical emergency or fire, it could be difficult to describe the location to emergency personnel.

We asked you to select your preferred theme and road names. The themes were:

• Wayfinding: Elm Avenue, Tarcoola Grove, Abelia Lane, Pontoon Place and Yarramundi Close.

• Trees: Elm Avenue, Cabbage Gum Close, White Cedar Lane, Ribbon Gum Place and Liquidambar Glade.

• Birds: Boobook Way, Chough Court, Lapwing Lane, Frogmouth Road and Pardalote Place.

A poll on this YourSay page was open between 15 February and 29 March 2021.

What we heard:

During the consultation period, 220 people visited the Your Say page and 144 (65%) voted.

• The Wayfinding theme was the most popular with 62 votes (43%).

• The Trees theme was the second most popular with 46 votes (32%).

• The Birds theme was third with 36 votes (25%).

You can see the listening report for this consultation in the document library.

How we used your views:

In response to your preference for the Wayfinding theme, we will start preparing for the installation of the wayfinding road signs at the appropriate location of each road and for the road names to be displayed in ACTmapi. Please see the map below.

Installation of the road signage will be undertaken by the land custodian, Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS).

The National Capital Authority (NCA) has endorsed the five road names under the Wayfinding theme but as the park is a Designated Area the new signage will require NCA Works Approval.

This page will be updated when the signs are installed. If you would like to receive notification, please email

Weston Park aerial diagram showing location of unnamed roads