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We are commencing early planning for a new residential development in the North Curtin area. The Woden District Strategy identifies the site as a Change Area Category 2 (between 0 – 10 years) for urban intensification.

This new neighbourhood will be located between Yarralumla and Curtin, alongside the future Light Rail to Woden.

Block 13 Section 121 Curtin, Block 1 Section 114 Yarralumla and Block 1 Section 77 Deakin (the site) is an undeveloped site located in the Woden District, also known as part of the Curtin Horse Paddocks.

The total site area is 13 hectares and is bounded by the Cotter Road overpass to the north, Yarra Glen to the east, Yarralumla Creek to the south running along the edge of the established residential suburb of Curtin, and the future Diplomatic Estate to the West.

How to have YourSay

We are looking at

Planning is in the early stages and aims is to address the needs of Canberra's expanding population whilst creating a new neighbourhood, where people can live close to existing employment, transport, education, and recreational opportunities in the Woden District.

The North Curtin Residential Area is zoned for Residential development in the National Capital Plan, and will provide a variety of housing options to support the projected population growth in Canberra.

Early planning will inform the draft Detailed Conditions of Planning, Design and Development (Planning Conditions) and demonstrate possible approaches to future develop which would potentially achieve approximately 1300 homes, provide local open spaces and connections to the surrounding areas.

3D rendering of the proposed North Curtin Residential area - this is example only

Indicative concept only

Your insights and perspectives will help us to finalise the draft Planning Conditions for endorsement by the National Capital Authority (NCA). Future development applications for the site will be assessed against the final Development Controls.

To promote sustainability and a positive impact on the local community, potential future residents, neighbours, broader community and First Nations stakeholders are invited to have their say in the early-stage planning process.

We will use your views to

Your feedback and ideas will contribute to the finalisation of the draft Planning Conditions for the North Curtin Residential Area.

The Planning Conditions will set out the principles that will guide future development on the ACT land closest to Yarra Glen and will cover aspects such as urban design, landscape design, built form, access and design quality.

We have been working closely with the NCA to understand their requirements for the site and will balance these with the feedback we receive from the community.

The finalised draft Planning Conditions will be lodged with the NCA for final endorsement, and will be a complimentary document to the National Capital Plan for the site. All future development in the North Curtin Residential Area will be assessed against the endorsed Planning Conditions for approval.

What we are seeking your input on

We are asking for your feedback on specific principles of the Draft Planning Conditions. Community feedback will be balanced with the NCA requirements to develop the finalised draft Planning Conditions.

We want to hear your thoughts about the proposed:

  • The variety and size of housing types,
  • Type and scale of public open spaces,
  • Landscape design options,
  • Opportunities for supporting land uses within the residential area, such as cafes, small scale retail and community facilities,
  • Planning for sustainability and climate resilience, and
  • Transport and access.
Proposed timeline for North Curtin Residential Area