The Heritage Council has provisionally registered Aboriginal Places HA12 and HAC2, Hume.

Public consultation for the provisional listing has now ended. The Council’s final decision after reviewing the public consultation submissions will be added to the Heritage Register

We are looking at:

As Aboriginal places that demonstrate and maintain links between ancestors, people and the land, Aboriginal Places HA12 and HAC2, Hume are significant to the ACT Aboriginal Community. Additionally, as intermittently used campsites, the artefact assemblages of HA12 and HAC2 have significance for the intactness, density and diversity of their artefacts and their research potential.

We will use your views to:

Thank you for your views about the provisional listing.

A common outcome of consultation is the Council confirming or rethinking what is included in their assessment, or what a final decision may look like. This can involve changing boundaries or adding or removing features that make up the significant fabric of the place.