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How you had YourSay:

Thank you for sharing your ideas on the development plans for a dual-occupancy development in Bingley Crescent, Fraser. The What We Heard Report and Comments Chart shares what we heard through your comments, feedback and ideas.

During the consultation, the community had the opportunity to share ideas and feedback by:

  • Sharing comments on YourSay
  • Attending two information kiosks held
  • Writing an email and hard-copy submission

We looked at:

As our city expands, we're planning for a Canberra that's inclusive, innovative, healthy, smart, active and fun. By developing new and improved properties, we ensure safe, affordable and secure housing choices are in place for everyone.

We asked to hear your ideas on the development of a dual-occupancy development on 95 Bingley Crescent, Fraser (see the Location tab).

The proposed development is in close proximity to local schools, shops and public transport and will provide modern, energy efficient housing. The new properties will be located close to essential services such as schools, sporting fields and public transport.

Stage 1 consultation outlined a design for the new development that included:

  • construction of two 4-bedroom properties, each including a double garage, separate living and family areas and private backyard
  • 6-star energy efficiency rating which will be cheaper to run
  • retention and protection of mature street trees where possible.

Stage 2 - following your feedback to design Option 1, two additional dual-occupancy design options were provided for Stage 2 of the consultation, these were:

Option 2

  • 1 x 4-bedroom single storey
  • 1 x 2-bedroom Class C Adaptable single storey

Option 3

  • 1 x 4 bedroom two storey
  • 1 x 2 bedroom Class C Adaptable single storey

Both designs met the same objectives around energy efficiency and tree retention as the original design.

Your views are being used to:

All options and community feedback were considered, and it has been agreed to proceed with the 1 x 4-bedroom single storey and 1 x 2-bedroom Class C single storey dual occupancy.

We will use all ideas and feedback in preparing the Development Application for the development.

Stage 2: Share Feedback

During the first stage of consultation, some concerns were raised around the proposed shape and scale of the new development.

We value the community’s feedback and in response, we have worked with our architect to provide two alternative design solutions that respond to some of the concerns raised in the first stage of consultation, especially around building footprint and density, whilst working within any site constraints and addressing the demand for housing on our waiting lists.

These two alternative design solutions comprise of Option 2 and 3, which contrast Option 1 which was outlined in Stage 1 of the consultation.

Option 2

  • 1 x 4-bedroom single storey
  • 1 x 2-bedroom Class C Adaptable single storey

Option 3

  • 1 x 4 bedroom two storey
  • 1 x 2 bedroom Class C Adaptable single storey

31 July, 2018

slcj says:

Thanks to Housing for listening, and for 2 new options. Preference is for new option one (option 2). Definitely need to be single storey.

30 July, 2018

Claire_R says:

Option 1 - definite NO. Option 2 with one 2-br and one 4-br single level dwelling is preferable. Must fit with other houses in the street.

27 July, 2018

MR1 says:

Is demolishing this house the most efficient option? Why not sell and use profit to build on Mr Fluffy blocks? Demolition already done!

25 July, 2018

stuart_green says:

Better than the initial design but still concerned about the crowding of the block and corner, with Public Housing across from a playground

23 July, 2018

milly414 says:

Limited local amenities - local IGA closed, Fraser Primary at capacity. More suitable and cost effective solutions in Belconnen available

23 July, 2018

milly414 says:

Concerns remain about parking and traffic . Location is not suited to high density. It is a feature block, very visable - will stick out.

Share your feedback on design Option 2 and 3

This is your opportunity to share your thoughts and feedback on design Options 2 and 3.

Stage 1: Plans and feedback

By developing new and improved properties, we ensure safe, affordable and secure housing choices are in place for everyone.

Thank you for checking the site plans and sharing your ideas on the development of a dual-occupancy development on 95 Bingley Crescent, Fraser.

Site plans

Residence A

Residence B

Themes from your feedback

Thanks for your feedback, we've been listening to your ideas and insights. It's clear there are some common themes emerging, if we've missed anything, please make a comment and share your ideas on the development.

Share your feedback and ideas on the development:

Check out the site plans and share your feedback and ideas on the development. Please note your username will be made public when you make a comment.

15 May, 2018

davidg2152 says:

awaiting your inclusive revision based off community feedback. Design has polarised community negatively , lucky plenty of time to fix

15 May, 2018

davidg2152 says:

unfortunately responses by Housing stating criminality is not in remit often comes at huge expense to local residents despite efforts.

15 May, 2018

davidg2152 says:

Im sorry but this block defies logic. Sloped, on intersection, requires established tree removal and houses tightly accomodated

15 May, 2018

CW1974 says:

by own admission elderly and disabled housing is not suitable for this space. Why chose a sloped, problematic block?

15 May, 2018

CW1974 says:

The "useable" portion of the 1082m2 sloped block jams these on the site. use logic and assess the trees, intersection, suburb asthetics,

14 May, 2018

Pdpd says:

We’re not NIMBYs. If you came to the Sat session you would see that we are pro public housing. Just opposed to the scale of what’s on offer

11 May, 2018

mareeanne says:

I am very disappointed with the number of NIMBY's in this area. Why so much prejudice against public housing tenants?

11 May, 2018

stuart_green says:

Are the tenants the poor souls that got kicked out of their inner city units so the govt could sell off land to help fund the train set?

11 May, 2018

stuart_green says:

I will attend the school open day and will send an email too. I assume I am wasting my time as the Barr Government does what it wants anyway

11 May, 2018

stuart_green says:

I cant believe we are limited to 140 characters to leave feedback on such an important issue. Typical of this ACT Government. Barr humbug!

11 May, 2018

stuart_green says:

I am not happy with the proposed development due to the size of the dwellings being built and the lack of backyard these homes will have.

11 May, 2018

Snatch says:

Fraser doesn’t need more public housing eyesores. ACT housing makes no effort to maintain yard cleanliness of its “clients” #moveitelsewhere


95 Bingley Crescent, Fraser

The proposed development is in close proximity to local schools, shops and public transport options available along Bingley Crescent.

The accessibility of the site and opportunities for tenants to walk to the nearby amenities will provide people with the opportunity to get involved and participate in their local community.

Our commitment

Housing ACT is committed to providing public housing in all suburbs across Canberra, to build communities that are diverse and vibrant that enable people to achieve positive social and economic outcomes.

We are committed to collaborating with the community, to build neighbourhoods that are inclusive and welcoming, that offer safe and affordable housing to those who need it most.

What we do and why

Housing ACT provides tenants with safe, affordable and appropriate housing in a sustainable social environment. We provide housing to those Canberrans most in need including people in extreme financial hardship who are unable to find accommodation elsewhere.

Public housing makes up about 8% of all housing in the ACT.

  • 25% is located in Belconnen
  • 18% is located in Woden and the inner south
  • 23% is located in the inner north
  • 21% is located in Tuggeranong

Shape and scale of the Development

New developments will be modern, energy efficient and include a mix of sizes to suit different tenant requirements, including properties that can be adapted in the future, to enable tenants to age in place.

The buildings will be built to a 6 star energy efficiency rating which means they will be cheaper to run.

A variety of materials and building features will be used, along with existing vegetation to blend the development into the streetscape. The scale and form of the new houses will be in scale with the neighbouring buildings.

Who are our tenants?

Public housing tenants include a broad range of people including a high proportion of older people (approximately 26% are aged over 65 years), women (64%), as well as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and people with disability (63% of our tenants access the disability support pension).

Approximately 75% of our tenants live in single person or single parent households. About 27% of our tenants are children under the age of 15 years.

Some of our tenants stay in public housing for only a short period of time, until they can ‘get back on their feet’. Others stay in public housing longer-term.

The range of our tenants means that the housing we provide needs to be diverse to meet the needs of different people. We provide family homes, single-person apartments, accessible housing and housing that is close to essential services such as medical services and public transport.

Building better housing

Redeveloping our properties allows us to ensure that safe, affordable and secure housing is made available for vulnerable Canberrans who need it – now – and into the future.

More than 70% of our housing stock was built before the 1990’s, therefore building new public housing and redeveloping existing public housing allows us to replace older stock with modern, more contemporary designed buildings with improved energy efficiency.

It enables us to apply a ‘salt and pepper’ approach to development to reduce concentrations of disadvantage, and build well-designed dwellings that look and feel like other housing in the neighbourhood.

Delivering public housing close to essential services helps to ensure that the varied support needs of tenants can be accommodated and it is an important step in supporting some of our community’s most vulnerable people.

Housing ACT looks to the following principles when designing new public housing:

  • Quality design – consistent with the existing and future character of the suburb
  • Transparent, honest and open communication with the surrounding tenants and community.
  • Liveable design – a more flexible, easy to access and navigate, liveable space, designed to have a positive impact on tenants and the neighbourhood
  • Design that enhances the streetscape
  • Design that aims to promote a sense of pride for tenants, harnessing a supportive community for both the tenants and the wider community, ensuring that tenants feel safe and comfortable within the new housing development