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Redevelopment of 44-46 Marsden Street Dickson

In late 2018, Housing ACT engaged with the community on the proposal to consolidate and redevelop two sites at 44-46 Marsden Street, Dickson to construct six new 2-bedroom Class C Adaptable single storey dwellings.

The designs have been revised and we are now proposing five Class C Adaptable 2-bedroom dwellings, which is a reduction of one dwelling from the original concept. The revision responds to some of the initial feedback from the community, but also to the ACT Government's commitment to ensuing that social housing options are available for indigenous communities, particularly older persons. As such, the development has now been identified as suitable for older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Canberrans in collaboration with the ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body. Dickson is an ideal location for older persons housing, close to shops, health services, public transport and other essential services.

Housing ACT previously engaged with the Dickson community regarding this proposed redevelopment, from 15 October - 21 December 2018. Due to the proposed changes, a second round of community engagement was then undertaken, from 17 April - 10 May 2019. A summary of the feedback received during both engagement processes can be found here. A more detailed comments chart capturing your feedback and our responses have also been provided for the first engagement held October-December 2018 and the second engagement held April-May 2019. A Traffic and Parking Assessment for the site is available here.

Please tell us your thoughts

We asked to hear your ideas on the revised design concept for the provision of five new Class C Adaptable 2-bedroom dwellings.

The changes to the designs include:

  • reduction in size from six 2-bedroom dwellings to five 2-bedroom dwellings
  • each dwelling will have a carport with a garage door
  • removal of the shared central car parking approach
  • there will be parking for 8 cars to meet parking requirements of 1.5 carparks per 2 bedroom dwelling

Aspects of the design that have not changed include:

  • the site will be accessed by a single driveway in the existing location at 44 Marsden Street.
  • 6 star energy efficiency rating which means that they will be more comfortable to live in and cheaper for our tenants to run
  • verge trees will be retained to maintain the existing streetscape character of the suburb. These trees will be protected during demolition and construction.

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