How you had YourSay:

In late 2017, we asked the community about their experiences of Canberra's public transport network via:

  • Taking an online survey
  • Dropping a comment pin on an interactive map
  • Filling out a survey and sharing ideas at one of our many community events

What we looked at:

With the Rapid network designed as the foundation of our public transport system, we asked the community for feedback on how we can best provide local and suburban connections. We also wanted to know how you think we can improve your overall experience when using and connecting to public transport.

During Phase 1 of consultation we specifically looked at how people wanted the network to operate, such as:

  • How should local routes connect to the Rapid network and service local areas?
  • Which destination is the highest priority from your local area?
  • What would make it easier for you to use public transport seven days a week?
  • What is needed at stops and interchanges to help make connections easier?
  • What sort of shelter, seating and lighting do you expect to be provided?
  • Are there other facilities we could provide at key interchanges?
  • What service information should be available and how should it be displayed?
  • How would you like to find information on bus services to plan your journeys?
  • Are there flexible, demand responsive services we can explore for those that cannot get to bus stops or interchanges?
  • Should we provide more park and ride options across the Rapid network? Where should they be located?
  • Are there improvements we can make to active travel infrastructure (paths, crossings and facilities) to help you combine active travel and public transport use?

What we heard:

Canberrans told us they wanted public transport to be quicker and more frequent. People said they want more services at all times of the day and week. We also understood:

  • 82% of respondents were from people who use public transport
  • Amenities at interchanges are important - these include lights, shelter and seating
  • 60% of respondents were keen to see more flexible bus services for residents with limited mobility and demand responsive services for residents who can't access a regular bus service
  • 80% of respondents indicated they would walk further to a bus stop if their was faster travel or more frequent services
  • Strong preference for mobile applications and online resources to aid journey planning, timetabling and route changes

How we are using your views:

The responses further support community and customer feedback, insights and experiences shared since 2011 we first developed 2030 Transport for Canberra vision. These new insights help ensure the New Bus Network we design will meet the needs of the community.