Project status: Closed

The ACT Government has contracted an external consultant to undertake a review of the ACT Seniors Card Program.

The ACT Seniors Card is part of an Australia-wide scheme which recognises the contribution of older people to society and supports them to be active in the community. The card provides eligible older Canberrans with access to savings on a range of goods and services provided by government and 378 participating businesses.

We looked at

  • the experience using the Seniors Card day to day, including for discounted transport and other government fees
  • what benefits the community receive from the Seniors Card and things that could be included in the future
  • ways in which the Seniors Card can be more accessible (such as through digital wallets and other technologies), and
  • any other ways in which the Seniors Card can be improved.

Where do I find out more?

Further information on the status of this commissioning process can be found Community Services Directorate website.

Read the Future Service Design Workshop Listening Report

On 1 June 2023, 16 stakeholders from across the community, government and business sectors came together to consider the findings and recommendations from the review of the program and chart a path forward to deliver a fit-for-purpose program that meets existing and emerging community needs.

The workshop aimed to discuss and prioritise findings and recommendations of the review to inform future delivery. We explored lived experiences, insights from other jurisdictions and assessed potential models for delivery of the Seniors Card over the next decade.

Discussion generated through this workshop will shape the Investment phase for the Seniors Card commissioning cycle. The terms of service, service mix, prioritisation and sequencing of recommendations and delivery model articulated through the workshop will all inform how the ACT Government invests in the program in future years.

A post-workshop listening report has been prepared in line with discussion.

Read the Review of the ACT Seniors Card Program report

We have released the Review of the ACT Seniors Card Program report.

The findings in the report will inform the future service design and delivery options for the ACT Seniors Card Program.

Read the Listening Report

We’ve released a listening report on what we have heard during the consultation period.

The community’s feedback and ideas will help us improve the program for current and future card holders. The ACT Government will use the information gathered through this exercise to inform next steps for the ACT Seniors Card Program

As part of the ACT Government’s Commissioning for Outcomes approach for the community services sector, a collaborative workshop will be held in the coming months, with identified stakeholders, to inform the future service design and delivery options for the ACT Seniors Card Program.