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About the project

Have your say on the logo and uniform for the ACT’s newest public high school – Shirley Smith High School in East Gungahlin.

The school is named after Wiradjuri woman Shirley Smith – also known as ‘Mum Shirl’ – who was a life-long activist for Aboriginal people’s rights and wellbeing.

Shirley Smith was a founder of Redfern community organisations including the Aboriginal Medical Service, Aboriginal Legal Service, Aboriginal Housing Company and Aboriginal Children’s Service. She was involved in the establishment of the Foundation for Aboriginal Affairs and in ongoing activism for land rights for Aboriginal people. She fostered 60 children, helping them to regain health and focus. Shirley Smith’s important contribution was recognised by the award of the Member of the Order of the British Empire in 1977 and the Member of the Order of Australia in 1985.

Shirley Smith High School’s Principal Rebecca Pearce is readying to open the school’s doors in 2024 to the first cohort of year 7s.

In finalising the look and feel of the school, Rebecca was looking to hear what the local school community thought of the following options for the school logo and uniform.

The community was invited to submit their comments in the ‘free text’ box beneath each option below.

Feedback was open for two weeks until 1pm, Monday 18 September 2023.

Which logo and uniform-colour option do you prefer?


Each design has its own unique meaning:

  • The Arc logo is a segment of the letter S, symbolising momentum and flow.
  • In the Curly S logo, the handwritten and the mechanical come together to show the relationship between people, community and the institution of education.
  • The Wing logo is symbolic of how education is empowering, giving young people the gift of flight. The wing hugs the school name, symbolising a place of safety and care and referring to the way ‘Mum Shirl’ took so many children under her wing.


Which colour would you prefer on the uniform? Burnt orange, fresh green or vivid purple?

Tell us via the 'open text' feedback boxes below.

How to have YourSay

How we will use your feedback

We will use your feedback to create the uniform for Shirley Smith High School. Watch this space for the result!