Noise standards haven’t changed since they were introduced in 1998, but the city has changed, particularly with population growth, development and changes in land uses in and around our urban centres. It is important that noise laws keep up to date with changing city dynamics while still reflecting community attitudes and behaviours.

We've heard support for extending daytime noise levels further into the evening.

You can see more about the current noise zones, noise levels and times they apply at the new, interactive Noise Standards Map at ‘What does this mean for me’ below and at the Noise Portal of the Access Canberra website.

The ACT Government believes the proposed changes will benefit businesses and the wider community:

  • Relaxing noise restrictions is likely to increase Canberra’s nightlife, providing entertainment for consumers and generating business for our economy. This is consistent with the City Renewal Authority’s 2025 Strategic Plan for Canberra to be an event-friendly, vibrant and dynamic city.
  • smoother transition towards higher population density in and around those centres, as detailed in the 2018 ACT Planning Strategy. We want to encourage town centres such as Woden and Belconnen to become centres for night life and to make changes now to accommodate future residential development.
  • Extending daytime noise levels into the evening will closer align the ACT with other capital cities. For example, in NSW and Victoria noise emanating from entertainment venues and licensed premises is permitted at daytime standards until midnight on both weeknights and weekends.