Listening Report is now available

29 June 2023

You can now read the Listening Report from our recent public consultation on voluntary assisted dying. The Listening Report reflects the feedback we heard from our roundtables, meetings, workshops, and submissions from stakeholders and community, during our public consultation held from February to April this year.

You can also read our snapshots, which summarise the key themes from each of our five roundtables. Our roundtables focused on disability and mental health communities, First Nations communities, health professionals, health service providers, and clinicians at Canberra Health Services.

We are grateful to everyone who contributed to our consultation. We appreciate that so many people had the courage to share powerful personal stories with us, to help shape better policy and outcomes for the ACT community.

We are now in the process of developing a model for voluntary assisted dying that works for the ACT community and intend to introduce a Bill to legalise voluntary assisted dying in the Assembly later this year. Once legislation is debated and passed in the Assembly, it will take time for voluntary assisted dying to become available to eligible people in the ACT, with the necessary systems, safeguards and processes needing to be developed and put in place.


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