Woden and Mawson

Better places to work, live, shop and socialise

In November 2015, the ACT Government released master plans for the Woden town centre and Mawson centre that recommended planning changes to boost liveability, drive urban renewal and improve the centres’ viability in years to come. The master plans went through an extensive community engagement process.

The plans included recommendations to rezone the part of the Athllon Drive corridor between the centres to allow housing, open space and transport.

As part of the recommendations of the master plans, the Government has made variations to the Territory Plan to formally implement the plans’ recommendations into the ACT's planning framework.

What the variations do

The variations make zone changes and update the precinct codes to encourage development.

Among other things, the zone changes allow more residences to be built, including medium and high density housing that gives residents more housing choice and will meet the needs of older people wishing to downsize but remain in their area and young people seeking an urban lifestyle.

Woden Town Centre

The main principles behind the Woden centre draft variation are:

  • Further diversify land uses to encourage more economic activity and residential development.
  • Improve the layout of streets, blocks and public spaces to make them easier to use.
  • Develop a strong community by allowing more residences, bringing the community hub further into the centre.
  • Improve access to and within the centre for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Encourage buildings that help the streets and open spaces be more friendly, safe and welcoming.

For more detail and explanation, see:

Woden Town Centre Master Plan

Territory Plan Variation 344

Mawson Group Centre

The Territory Plan Variation commenced in June 2019. The main principles behind the Mawson centre variation are:

  • establish five distinct precincts to help the centre evolve as needs and demands change.
  • establish a new public transport precinct to cater for the centre’s growing role as a public transport hub.
  • allow residential, commercial, retail, entertainment and service uses to support the centre’s economy.
  • encourage day and night activity in the centre.
  • ensure the centre is easy to get to by foot, bicycle, public transport and car.
  • create a people-friendly environment for everyone, no matter their age or ability.

See an overview of the current and approved zone changes on the slider below. For more detail and explanation, see:

Mawson Group Centre Master Plan

Territory Plan Variation 345

Before: Map showing Woden Town Centre's current Territory Plan zoning After: Map showing Woden Town Centre's proposed Territory Plan zoning

Before: Map of Mawson Centre showing current Territory Plan zoning After: Map of Mawson Centre showing proposed Territory Plan zoning