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The ACT Government is seeking community views and feedback on two issues relating to wrongful convictions in criminal cases in the ACT Supreme Court:

  • a right to appeal a conviction on the grounds of fresh and compelling evidence; and
  • parameters for the assessment of compensation where a person has been a wrongfully convicted.

How to have YourSay

A right to appeal a wrongful conviction due to new and compelling evidence and clarity about the right to compensation if someone is wrongfully convicted of a crime will enhance fairness and transparency in the ACT criminal justice system.

A Discussion Paper on wrongful convictions has been released and is available on this page here to support community feedback on reform to the right to appeal a wrongful conviction and parameters for the assessment of compensation.

Want to make a submission?

You can make a submission on the issues in the Discussion Paper in the following ways:

We will use your views to

Comments and submissions we receive from the community and during other consultations will help shape the ACT Government's approach to reforms.