Project status: Closed

How you had YourSay:

The Year 7 Health Check (Y7HC) is part of the ACT Government’s commitment to improving the health of young people.

Government and non-government stakeholders were involved in developing the initial Y7HC program model. We then consulted with the public, including students, to collect feedback on the proposed model. The public consultation took place from 27 February to 3 April 2019 through the YourSay online consultation website.

How we used your views:

We have taken all feedback from the consultation on board. The feedback has helped us make changes to the current Y7HC program model.

The new Y7HC program model:

  • Retains the health and wellbeing survey which will run alongside the School Satisfaction Survey each year. The health and wellbeing survey questions will aim to complement the current health and wellbeing information collected by the ACT Government.
  • Does not include the BMI measurement component that was proposed in the initial program model.
  • Will report findings at a population level (not individual level) and findings will be made available to the public each year via the ACT Health website.
  • Will help inform, develop and expand population-based health and wellbeing programs.

Project updates:

More information will be published once the Y7HC program model changes have been finalised.

For more information on the Y7HC, please visit the ACT Health website.