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How you had YourSay:

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback through both rounds of engagement to inform the refresh of the ACT Government’s Digital Strategy.

Canberrans were invited to have their say on how the ACT Government could invest in technology and digital services to improve your digital territory (see background for more information) and then on the draft Digital Strategy by:

A What We Heard Report has now been prepared, capturing what we heard throughout the community engagement process, and an analysis of your comments, feedback and ideas is now available.

What we looked at:

The ACT Government launched its ACT Digital Strategy ion Friday 20 March. The ACT Digital Strategy sets out how we will continue to harness the opportunities of digital and technology to continue to grow Canberra as an inclusive, progressive and connected city. Over the coming years the strategy will guide the ACT Government’s focus on:

  • Community centred services. Government services that are designed, developed and tested with the community and their experience in mind.
  • Value the data we collect and use of behalf of our community. Data is collected, managed and used in a way that protects privacy and develops better services for the community.
  • City planning – by design – and for wellbeing. Combining city-wide connected technology and data to make Canberra more liveable, sustainable, vibrant and resilient.
  • Strategic relationships with industry to create value for our community. Government, businesses, academia and innovators working together to use digital technology to create greater value for the community.
  • Reshaping the government of today – building the government of the future. Continue to evolve the knowledge and skills of the people who work in government, the methods and processes used to deliver needed change and making clever and sustainable choices about technology investments.

To find out more about the ACT Digital Strategy, visit

We used your views to:

Inform the refresh of the ACT Government’s Digital Strategy, which was launched on 20 March 2020.